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Our Vision, Mission and KRC Standard Policy
To enhance the Company’s services with modern devices and high technology in order to catch up the world changing continuously with applying the safety in working, occupational health and environmental performance.
1. We intend to provide the best services and meet customer’s satisfaction by adapting an innovated technology into our working process to make customer trust and be confident in our services.
2. We will run our business with a proper management and follow according to the standard of Safety, Health and Environment. We will also continually raise the awareness of energy conservation
1. Comply with the laws, customer’s requirements, the Company’s regulations and the standard of Quality Safety Health and Environment which is the criteria for working.
2. Apply integrated management system of Quality Safety Health Environmental and Digital system to improve the work process efficiency.
3. Manage and prevent the environmental impact by using the resources efficiently, saving energy, reducing wastes and promoting recycling, focusing on prevention of pollution released from the Company’s activities and using green technology in the Company.
4. Communicate the performance of Quality Safety Health and Environment to stakeholders both of internal and external of the Company with transparency, including listening to the requirement and expectation in order to review and improve the Company operations.